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Jonathan Sterling LAB REPORT MOLE-MASS RELATIONSHIPS IN REACTIONS PURPOSE To compare the theoretical mass of one of the products of a double replacement reaction with the experimentally determined mass of the same product. DATA & CALCULATIONS DATA COLLECTED Variable Value mass of 2.19 g mass of filter paper 0.71 g mass of filter paper & precipitate 4.73 g observations of the reaction between and Immediately, it turned milky, with a whitish precipitate sticking to the edges of the beaker. Table 1. The measurements taken for the Lab. CALCULATIONS BALANCED EQUATION FOR THE DOUBLE REPLACEMENT REACTION THEORETICAL MASS OF PRECIPITATE, WHEN 2.19 G OF REACT COMPLETELY
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Jonathan Sterling 2 EXPERIMENTAL MASS OF FORMED EXPERIMENTAL ERROR Variable Value balanced equation for double replacement reaction Theoretical mass of precipitate, when 2.19 g of react completely 1.54 g Experimental mass of formed 4.02 g Experimental error 161% Table 2. Contains the calculations for the Lab.
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