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Hundreds of civilizations and communities throughout the course of history have been subjected to change and exposed to new ideas and beliefs. No community still remains the same it was years ago. It is impossible for a civilization to remain intact, maintain prosperity and stability without going through some sort of change. In moments of insecurity, where guidance and comfort is sought, people find new ways to live life by forming new ideas. The beliefs of these people intertwine and from that occurrence, the civilization is transformed. Crises and periods of instability can and will lead to change – it’s not difficult to find such change in this world today. As times change, ideas and beliefs change along with people. Such a change in a civilization can create such a profound effect on other cultures, and influence the lifestyles of others as well. It is in the nature of man to change when something is not going efficiently. As our ancestors have shown, change is inevitable and is always prevalent in the world, regardless of the time period or civilization. It’s not when or where this change occurs that is important, but instead how it influences future lifestyles and cultures. There are many moments in history that has suggested a transformation, or change, in a community. One such civilization includes Europeans during the end of the Middle Ages, more specifically Italy. Another community that has encountered a need to change ideas is the African American community of the 1900s. The African Americans in America were not the only ones affected by this movement of change, but the entire worldwide community. Both of these movements are known as renaissances. Renaissance, meaning “rebirth”, is a period of time when a community or group of people are indulged to change. The people of that community produce new ideas and beliefs that lead to the “rebirth”, or transformation, of a new civilization. The Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance occurred in completely different regions of the world, involved completely different people, occurred in completely different time periods, but are not that different from each other. They share similar causes, developed similarly, share common characteristics, leaders, and both had an insightful effect on future civilizations. Although the Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance are separated by a 500 year time
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range and involve completely different people and cultures, there are many similarities that bond the two movements together. Over 2500 years ago, a civilization emerged from the heart of the Italian Peninsula. This civilization would grow into a vast and powerful empire dominating the entire Mediterranean region and stretching nearly halfway to Africa and beyond. The emergence of this one civilization would impact the world so incredibly that it still would leave an imprint on modern society. For nearly one entire millennium, the Roman Empire thrived and prospered, although plagued by constant warfare and predicaments as all civilizations are. From Rome, in the 500s
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6046460-Renaissance-Essay - Hundreds of civilizations and...

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