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15001944-Black-History-Month-Essay - Ronak Patel US History...

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Ronak Patel March 9, 2009 US History Advanced Block 7 Black History Month Essay The black experience in America is truly unique – it has no real parallel. Although African- Americas are one of the most unique races in America, they are also some of the least foreign of all citizens, due to their forceful adoption of American culture in replace of their own. Although this runs back many hundreds of years ago, it still leaves profound traces on African-Americans to today. They share a very rich experience and colorful memories. Perhaps it is true that blacks have faced and struggled with challenges unfamiliar to any of us today. The most obvious challenge that these people faced was discrimination and segregation from the rest of society. Often thought as the inferior race for many centuries, this crushing pressure definitely had serious impacts on them – as it would for anyone who had to deal with such deep racism. Another obstacle blacks were faced with was unjust laws and inequality. Even after documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, were signed, promising equal rights and liberties to all men, blacks were not included in the definition of “men.” Rights that were granted to whites were restricted to blacks; freedoms provided to whites were barred from blacks; liberties given to whites did not pertain to the black man. This led to frustration and mental stress, which sometimes proved to be too much to handle. No man – white or black – should be placed under this tremendous stress and pressure.
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