02Post - 1 Introduction to Laboratory Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Introduction to Laboratory Introduction to Laboratory Measuremen Measuremen SUSB-003 Measurement Measurement SUSB SUSB-003 003 Last Updated: 9/2/2009 Measuring devices have intrinsic uncertainty i.e., limitations due to their design/construction BACKGROUND Measurement process itself may introduce additional uncertainty Measurer Measurer usually plays a role in the measurement Uncertainty process In chemistry, certain quantities are often chosen as fundamental : m ass, t ime length (area, volume), Many measuring devices are constructed so as to be LINEAR RULE OF THUMB: On a LINEAR SCALE LINEAR SCALE , human eye is capable of estimating the location of a mark lying between two smallest divisions to the nearest 1/5 th of a division 1/5 th of a division Linear/Rule What distinguishes scientific computation from arithmetic primarily is that most scientific numbers include units units . PROCEDURE PROCEDURE 1. Measure Diameter of Plastic Sphere 2. Weigh Plastic Sphere using two types of balance 3. Compute Density of Sphere using above two results & examine uncertainty 4. Direct Measurement of Liquid Volumes 5. Record weight of a penny Procedure 1. Measure DIAMETER, d From that, compute compute AREA and VOLUME of a SPHERE from the known mathematical relationships to the diameter. A = d 2 V = d 3 / 6 Purpose Purpose : To explore To explore error propagation error propagation in in quantities derived from diameter quantities derived from diameter Cube I.e., suppose we make a small error in measuring d....
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02Post - 1 Introduction to Laboratory Introduction to...

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