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17 68 s every dog has his day s d every now and

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Unformatted text preview: rise for sb have a swelled head Have fun. z have good taste have had it have it both ways z have it out with have no leg to stand on have one's hair set have one's own way for ...... D 28 68 have some have sth on sb ~ D have the face to do sth ~ D have time off have words with sb Have you had enough have keep the run of D haven't the slightest idea having a sale He cleaned us out. head and shoulder above sb head over heels heavy date X S D help out X S D help yourself her cup of tea Here it is. X S D His bark is worse than his bite. X S D his lettle broad X S hit it hard X S D hit it off hit of the show S S be S 29 68 hit on upon hit the ball @ hit the ceiling roofz D hit the high spots ~ hit the sack hold back hold good hold in the balance hold it hold one's horses hold one's tongue hold out hold the line hold up ~ D hold water hook up Hop in. Hope it doesn't cost much. ~ D hors d'oeuvres hot air How am I doing How are you making outz D @ @ @ 30 68 how come How come^ D How did it come out~ How did it go^ D How did you make out~ How did you swing it How do I look~ D D h S How does that sound^ How goes the enemy~ How is that with you^ how on earth ~ D how the heck How's that~ hung one on D D D D I bet you are right. ^ z D I can never thank you enough. I can't afford to lose...... ^ z I can't believe my eye. I don't buy your story. ^ z D I don't care. ^ z I don't have a slightest idea. ^ z D ...... hS hS 31 z 68 I don't want to be in your shoes. S S D I feel the call of nature S S D I get them mixed up. S S D I give you my word. S S D I have no idea. S S D I haven't got the foggiest. I know what I'm doing. S S D I like the way you have. I lost you. h hEr h E I love her something fierce. S S D I may be psychic. I mean what I say. S S D I must be in love. I was behind my paper correcting. I was fooled by the terms. I was starved to death. S S I won't take no for an answer. S S D I would appreciate it. S S D I'd enjoy the company. S S D I'll be right over. S S D I'll be right with you. S S D I'll bet...... hE r hE hE h 32 68 I'll give it to you strait. l S D I'll go a couple of rounds with you. l S D I'll have him call you. I'll heed your words. l S D I'll say. l S D I'll see to it. I'll see you home. l S D I'll take a chance. l S D I'll take a raincheck on that. l S D I'll tell you what. l S D I'm afraid you got the wrong number. I'm all for it. l S D I'm beat. I'm completely in your hands. l S I'm full. l...
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