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A says you d y o y d y o y scare the devil out of

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Unformatted text preview: e z S very light in weight very much appreciated visit John be wage a war on sth walk sb home z S walkie-talkie t Z t 62 68 walking dictionary H M D Walls have ears. wash one's dirty linen in public H M D wash out watch one's step. watch the budget watch with hard eye H M D Watch your step. HM We just make it. HM D We rap well together. HM D We'll in for the night by then. P b D We'll see later. HM We're not pressed for time. HM D wear sth inside out H M D wee hours welcome to the party well in advancce Well I neverH SD D @ @ @ What a messH What a pleasant surprise What a thing to sayH D @ What are we waiting for 63 M 68 What are you getting at What are you going to sell What are you smoking What are you up to do What can you do about it What do you figure What do you givel S D What do you say What held you up What to call it S D ` S D ` ` ` S D ` ` b D ` ` ` ` ` What were you up to What's come over you What's cooking What's going on What's it to you What's on the schedule What's on your mindl S D What's the big idea What's the catch What's the good word what's the matter l S What's under your cat ` ` ` ` 64 68 What's up what's up^ D Z What's your pleasure What's your pleasure^ Treasure D bD whatever made you...... oe whatever you say. ^ L ...... when in Rome do as the Romans do when the doors open When there is life When's the big day^ there is hope. ^ L D D D Z Where are you heading white lie ^ L Who are all the characters^ who said so Who's calling please D D Z Who's the lucky guy^ Why not tell it to the Horse Marines wind up ^ L window shoping ^ L D wise up with a long face with flying colors b D 65 L 68 with open arms S within an ace of S D without fail woman of the world S D won't be long S Wonders never cease words fail me l S work a tight schedule l S work away work like a Trojan work out l S Would there be room enough for me Would you like to order now Wouldn't she be nice to come home to wouldn't work for me H b D H U bD yes-man S D You are a dead duck. You are a thoughtful person. You are all wet. S D You are just being polite. S D You are killing me. S D 66 68 You are your father's son. You ask for it. j you bet You bet D P You can say it again. ~ D You can set your watch by him. ~ D You can't beat it. ~ You can't keep a good man down. You don't know half of it. ~ D You don't say so. ~ You get me there. ~ D You get no say. ~ D You got me there. You got the picture. ~ You have a point there. ~ D you have outstanding ~ You know something You leave me in the cold. j You let me down. j You look upset. j D D D D ...... D P X P X P You look wonderful. j You mean to say...... j 67 ' 68 You said a mouthful. H D You said it. H D You see what I mean You should be smart enough. X S D You stay out of this. X S D You're all mixed up. X S D You're confusing your days. X S D You're putting me on. X S D You're ribbing me. X S D You're thoughtful. X S D You're way ahead of me. Pb D P Your timing is just right. X S D 68 68...
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