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Z have good taste have had it have it both ways z have

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Unformatted text preview: h with keep it to yourself keep it under your hat keep my fingers crossed keep one's head keep one's head above water keep one's nose to the grand stone keep one's shirt on X S keep pace with keep punching keep sb at arm's length X S D keep track ofX S D S keep track of one's attendance " D keep track of time kick downstairs kick off " kick sb upstairs kick the bucket kidding around kill time 38 " 68 kill time kill two birds with one stone killing one knock it off z D Knock on wood. knock one flat z D knock oneself out knock their eyes out know one's onions know one's way around know-it-all lady-killer z D laid eyes on last final last minute rush z D last word laughing matter z D lay aside learn a lesson leave it at that z D leave it to me z 39 68 leave me alone S leave much to be desired S D leave out S leave sth up to sb S D leave the lights on let bygones be bygones let down let go of me Let me put it this way. S D let nature take its course let off S D let the cat out of the bag Let's be on our way. S Let's change the subject. S D Let's take a break. S D Life is short don't drag your feet. Pb D Z life of the party S D like a cat on hot bricks S D Like a letter from home. like a turtle on its back S D like a veteran like ducks to water Z 40 68 Like father like son. H X D little or nothing H X live a dog's life live by oneself live up to one's words loafing around lone wolf long stories H X D Long time no see. look before you leap H X look for a needle in a key stack look for trouble look here look into look out look over look up Pb D ^ look up to sb Look who you're talking to. looking forward to be Pb D lose one's nerve H X D lose one's shirt. 41 68 lose track of the days S D lose track of time lost count lost one's nerve lost one's temper lost weight loudmouth lousy cliches lousy things lucky dog make a day of it make a fool of oneself make a fortune make a fuss P b D make a go of make a hit make a memo make a mountain out of a nolehill make a new man of you S D...
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