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IE370Homework 1 solution - Homework 1 (due Sep 12 in...

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Homework 1 (due Sep 12 in class): Problems 1. What role does manufacturing play relative to the standard of living of a country? (1’) Manufacturing is critical to a country’s economic welfare and standard of living which is determined primarily by goods and services. 2. Give examples of a job shop, flow shop, and project shop. (2’) Job shop-an injection mold manufacturing shop Flow shop-moving assembly line for cars Project shop-the construction of bridge road, the manufacturing of airplane ship 3. How does a manufacturing system differ from a manufacturing process? From a machine tool? From a job? From an operation? What are the major classifications of basic manufacturing processes? (2’) In the context of manufacturing, a manufacturing system is a collection of men, machine tools, and material-moving systems, collected together to accomplish specific manufacturing or fabrication sequences, resulting in components or end products. The manufacturing system is backed up and supported by the production system, which includes functions like control of quality, inventory, production, and manpower, as well as scheduling, planning. Basic manufacturing process:
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IE370Homework 1 solution - Homework 1 (due Sep 12 in...

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