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01-CmpE202-TeamProj1-TM-Spec-Fall09 - CmpE 202 Software...

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CmpE 202 – Software Systems Engineering Team Project #1 The requirements analysis and design specifications part of the projects will be specified using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) on Rational Rose or any other suitable modeling tool, such as Visio or Together. UML is a standard for creating visual abstractions for software systems. Software developers can choose from (9) Nine different modeling techniques to describe their system in the most appropriate manner. We will use just five of these (use cases, CRC cards, class diagram, sequence diagrams, and activity Diagrams). Rose is a CASE tool developed by IBM that provides computational support for creating UML diagrams . Traditional Model 1. Use Cases. Use the following template to document at least 3-4 of your use cases. 1. Use Case Id. 2. Use Case Title 3. Actors & Corresponding Roles 4. Classes 5. Corresponding Attributes 6. Corresponding Interfaces 7. Use Case Description 8. Alternatives ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Document all the CRC cards
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