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CmpE 202 – Software Systems Engineering Team Project #3 Pattern Assignments Due Date: Check the due date schedule for pattern assignments due date. Major Tasks: 1. Use traditional or meta model to model the concepts definitions 2. Use software stability model to model the concepts (pattern) and that are assigned to you and 3. Document the pattern using the following template. Project #3 Requirements: Patterns documentation Pattern Documentation – Detailed Template: fill the following template per pattern. Name: Presents the name of the presented pattern. Length: Few lines Provide short definition of the term (Name) Compare the name of the patterns with other selective name and conclude with the right selection of the name. Why did you choose that specific name Justify the name (such as why use “Any…” as a prefix for BO only) You may answer the following questions: Why did we choose that specific name? Suggest a nickname for this pattern that is related to knowledge Known As: List all the terms that are similar to the name of the pattern. Two possible sources to that can be used to fill this Section: 1- similar patterns that are proposed in the literature. 2- Other names that you may find relative to the developed pattern. In some cases, several names might make sense so you can keep a list of few of these names under this Section. Length: Few lines for each of the following cases: 1. Names match the pattern name: Just list similar names and why? 2. Names match with doubts: List them, describe, and indicate doubts, why? 3. Names don’t match but people think they match the pattern name: List them, describe, show why they don’t match. Look for similar terms that are related to the pattern name and list them than relate each term to one or more of the following category:
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1. Exactly identical terms and state them and discuss them. 2. Identical but with some differences, state them and discuss. 3. Seems identical but they are not, you may comment on them 4. No similarity, ignore them. Context: Gives possible scenarios for the situations in which the pattern may recur. It is important in this Section that you motivate the problem you solve in an attractive way. For example, if I am writing a pattern about Trust, I would flush the trust in the context of e- commerce, for example. Keep this Section short yet exciting (This Section somewhat serves as an Introduction in conventional paper) Length: 1/4 to 1/3 Pgs Describe the boundaries List basic scenario – context, Show by good examples where the pattern can be applied For example “account”… would have ownership and handler context, can be applied to banking Internet Providers, private clubs, etc Discuss briefly a few unique context of the pattern. Problem:
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03-CmpE202-teamProj3-Reqs-Fall09 - CmpE 202 Software...

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