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UNDERGROUND WATER DEPRECIATION AND POLLUTION Fall 2008, CmpE 202-05 ABSTRACT: Goals: To provide solution for effective and minimal use of Underground water resources To minimize water pollution by using various techniques and methods To discuss different ways of harvesting portable drinking water To spread awareness through different media Motivation: According to available statistics, by the end of the year 2025, two thirds of the world population will be without safe drinking water and basic sanitation services. Construction of wastewater treatment plants and reduction of groundwater over drafting appear to be obvious solutions to the worldwide problem. Reduction in groundwater over drafting is usually politically very unpopular and has major economic impacts to farmers. Moreover, this strategy will necessarily reduce crop output, which is something the world can ill afford, given the population level at present. Therefore, this is very critical issue and we should take it very seriously. Brief Description: Today, the most important issue that needs to be kept under consideration is the ground water level and ground water quality. Due to rapid industrialization, modernization and urbanization, the level and quality of water is deteriorating day by day. The importance of groundwater for the existence of human society cannot be overemphasized. Groundwater is the major source of drinking water in many parts of Asia. The demand for water has increased over the years and this has led to water scarcity. Many countries like India and Pakistan are heading towards water crisis mainly due to improper management of water resources and environmental degradation, which has lead to a lack of access to safe water supply to millions of people. In addition, the quality of groundwater is getting severely affected because of the widespread pollution of surface water. Challenges: Wastewater treatment is highly capital intensive, restricting access to this technology in some regions Rapid increase in population of many countries makes this a race that is difficult to win Convincing the society about problem To gather all the facts and figures which support the problem
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DESCRIPTION OF DOMAIN Because of the modernization in many parts of the world, the water resources are not utilized in the way that it should be. The different sectors are exploiting water resources in various ways without considering the undesirable effects on future generation. If it continues in the same way, then time is not so far, when we will be left with no clean water to drink. This will affect the normal life cycle of the humans, animals and plants because this is the most basic need of all these living beings. Sometimes, oceans are mistaken for available water, but the amount of energy needed to convert
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05-cosmos-tpd-PStmt-F08-v00-062909C - UNDERGROUND WATER...

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