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06-tulips-tpd-PStmt-F08-v00-071009C - EFFECTS OF HURRICANE...

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EFFECTS OF HURRICANE Fall 2008, CmpE 202-05 1. ABSTRACT Goal: To provide the precautionary measures that could be taken to reduce the effect of disaster and to provide economical, physical, spiritual, and emotional help to the victims of this calamity. Motivation: Hurricane, as a natural disaster when occurred, has negative impact on people as well as the environment. The effect of this disaster could be loss of life, property damage, scarcity of food, contaminated drinking water supplies, multiple oil spills typically from above-ground tanks, leaking underground tanks containing fuel and chemicals, lose of breeding grounds of marine life, loss of home for birds and migration of birds to new habitat, and an outbreak of health problems. Due to these problems, there is a necessity to take precautionary measures to reduce the impact of the catastrophe, make necessary arrangements to provide food, water, clothing, medical care, and security to the victims, mental health counseling to disaster victims to overcome the sadness and depression, search, and rescue operations. Idea: Television and Newspaper reports about hurricanes and the damage caused by it moved our heart to find more details and later study about the effects of hurricanes. We did some research on hurricanes, read articles related to measures, that were a failure for hurricane “Katrina” which is considered to be one of the deadliest hurricanes. Major Findings: Although hurricane being a natural disaster cannot be prevented, at least appropriate measures can be taken to minimize its impact. Some of the measures are Flood protection system must be properly established. Flood walls and levees can be built strong enough. so that they sustain from breaches and also continuous and proper maintenance has to be done. Improved positioning and defense of modern pump stations should be adapted. Predicting an upcoming Hurricane using Satellite information will help to make the necessary precautionary measures, so that the relief process can be made fast and effectively saving many lives and properties. Also, people must cooperate by
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learning their community's emergency plans, warning signals, evacuation routes, and emergency shelters. Oil wells and platforms must be shut down before the storm, so that leakage from those facilities would be minimal. Pipelines must be shut down too and they must be drained before a severe storm, so that even if any section of the pipeline is breached oil, gas or liquid gas condensate would not be leaked. There is also a need to resolve difficult issues essential in the operations and relationships between Federal and Local government, as they serve as decision- making, and funding resource. Pets must be moved to the animal control organizations, which provide shelters
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06-tulips-tpd-PStmt-F08-v00-071009C - EFFECTS OF HURRICANE...

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