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Team Projects (PP2) You are working on team projects for CmpE 202. Would you think of working on team projects as a modeling problem and answer the following questions? (1) Document three of the Use Cases in Your Problem: (a) Identify two of the use cases (b) Identify Actors and their roles (c) Identify corresponding classes (d) Describe the Use Case Repeat the process for at least two of the use cases. Use the following Use Case Template to document your Use Cases All the fields must be filled for each use case.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Use Case Id. 2. Use Case Title 3. Actors & Corresponding Roles 4. Classes 5. Corresponding Attributes 6. Corresponding Interfaces (services or operations) 7. Use Case Description 8. Alternatives (2) Create CRC cards for at least five of the existing classes. (CRC stands for Class Responsibility and Collaborations) Please submit your answer electronically as MS word documents on or before the due date....
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