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AR Lecture 2 - .this is when new ideas and other religions...

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Lecture 2 – Native Americans and Europeans 1. Facing East from Indian Country 1. Western view of western land 1. land can be possessed, sense of Manifest destiny, Christian imperialism 2. Native view of land: motherland, land is shared, isn't property 2. Ways of War 1. West: shoot w/guns until the other side = dead 2. Natives: small-scale war, not too much bloodshed 3. The Mourning War 1. Replenish spiritual power 1. capturing one from another tribe to replenish spiritual power, b/c natives' religious task = balance 2. European Contact and the Derangement of the Mourning war 1. Euros bring disease and guns, factors that the natives weren't prepared for 1. such a sudden change brings derangement within the balanced Native life 2. challenge of the adequacy of one's world view 1. result (1) you start looking for new answers..this is when new ideas and other
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Unformatted text preview: .this is when new ideas and other religions look more attractive 2. result (2) millenialism: restoration of the old world. 4. Missionaries and Native Americans 1. Doctrine vs. Practice 1. Catholics had much more success than Puritans 1. Catholics = very practice based, rituals, rites, etc. .this is very attractive to the Natives 1. ex. Eucharist concept very similar to the Mourning war. .replenishing spirituality 2. Puritans = doctrine based, more from the head 2. Exclusive vs. Inclusive 5. Christian Practice in a Mahican Village 1. Moravians 1. Blood and Wounds theology 1. Familial metaphors 1. mother Mary, mother Earth 2. Moravian symbolism of communion 1. communion and spiritual power 2. Moravians and Mohicans...
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