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biol 201h notes - 4.20.2009

biol 201h notes - 4.20.2009 - -Abiotic conditions o...

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Characterizing Distributions - Dot maps o Can draw hypotheses based on distribution o Example: tiger beetle needs colder temps based on being in the north or in the  mountains - Geographic range map o Continuous shape; inside species occurs, outside does not occur o Does not mean that every single point inside that polygon you will see the species o Reasons you might not see the species: different landscapes - Abundance map o Shows abundance/concentration of a species across its range Factors that effect range limits
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Unformatted text preview: -Abiotic conditions o Temperature Sometimes limits perfectly align with minimum temp isoclines (for example) o Precipitation-Biotic interactions o Competition Northern limit of red fox determined by climate, southern limir of arctic fox determined by competition-Barriers to dispersal Abundance within the range-Dickcissel abundance o Eating combination of insects and worms, are homeotherms, need certain habitat-Georgraphic range as a reflection of the niche-...
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