Biol 201 - Notes - 4.27.2009

Biol 201 - Notes - 4.27.2009 - o Abiotic condition 1 vs....

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For drosophila, cadmium is toxic Experiment varying cadmium levels in vials High competition in no cadmium vials, low competition in high cadmium vials Took surviving flies and reproduced them over and over  Evolution of cadmium resistance If there is a resource to use, something will come up to use it - Flavobacterium, eats byproducts of nylon - Nylon did not exist until 1935 Themes: - Constraints on organisms and ecosystems o Energetic constraints o Limiting nutrients - Tradeoffs o Offspring size vs. offspring number o Competition vs. colonization o Resource 1 vs. resource 2
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Unformatted text preview: o Abiotic condition 1 vs. abiotic condition 2-Variability of biological systems o Genetic variation o Phenotypic variation o Temporal and spatial variability in Environmental conditions Resources o Biological accounting Benefits vs. costs Births vs. deaths Colonizations vs. extinctions o Networks Gene networks Food webs Nutrient cycling Possibility for complex indirect interactions o Feedbacks Negative feedbacks stabilize systems Positive feedbacks are destabilizing Runaway selection tfg...
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Biol 201 - Notes - 4.27.2009 - o Abiotic condition 1 vs....

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