Biol 201 - Notes - 4.17.2009

Biol 201 - Notes - 4.17.2009 - -Amazonian birds o...

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Biol 201  Landscape ecology Landscape structure: - Landscape ecology = study of how landscape structure and pattern affect ecological  processes (like species migration, dispersal, flow of energy, materials and organisms)  over a range of spatial scales - Habitat patch: a fairly homogeneous area that differs from its surroundings - Matrix: the more continuous habitat within which patches are embedded - Characteristics to use for comparison: o Total area, average patch size, nuber of patches, patch shape, connectivity Effects of patch size: - Diffendorfer studied how patch size affect movement of three small mammal species o Predicted animals would move farther in more fragmented landscaped because they  must move farther to obtain resources o Created experimental fragmentation o Hypothesis confirmed
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Unformatted text preview: -Amazonian birds o Deforestation is a problem, so one made patches of rainforest Patch shape:-Amount of edge is important-Perimeter to area ratio as a measure of patch shape-Edge effects o Harsher environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, etc.) o Invasive species (eg kudzu) o Certain predators may be more abundant o Brood parasitism o Others Cowbird parasitism:-Lay eggs in other birds broods Connectivity and corrdors:-Connectivity = the degree to which patches are connected to or isolated from each other-Differ in ease with which organisms can move between patches-Corridors: o Connect patches o Increase patch size o Change patch shape o Long advocated for conservation o Little tested-Some species had no effect, some had positive corridor effect...
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Biol 201 - Notes - 4.17.2009 - -Amazonian birds o...

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