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notes - 4.23.09 - o E = cell type Review the ABC model-Work...

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Reading a lineage diagram: - Do not include dead cells in differentiated cell count - Branching = cell division - For descendants, DO not the cells that die Types of mutants - Division asymmetry mutant o Normally, there is asymmetry in the division o Asymmetry mutant = where both daughter cells do the same thing - Cell-type selection mutant - Mother-daughter difference mutant o Where a daughter cell undergoes the same division as its mother o Example: lin-22 mutant - Heterochronic mutant o Example: lin14 mutant o Changes in the timing of cell division - On review slides: o A = mother daughter o B = division asymmetry o C = heterochronic o D = cell death mutant If everything is the same except that cells that are supposed to die don’t
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Unformatted text preview: o E = cell type Review the ABC model-Work backwards to find model that would predict what you have-Loss of function vs. gain of function-Draw the abc model that lead sto the speicification of the four types of floral organs in the wild type Arab flowers. Be sure to indicate the position of each floral organ formed in a wildtype flower from outside to inside o Be able to draw, say name o A alone = sepals o A+B = petals o B+C = stamens o C alone = carpels o Indeterminate = lost C (gained A) Fourth whirl = flower...
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notes - 4.23.09 - o E = cell type Review the ABC model-Work...

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