notes - 2.16.2009

notes - 2.16.2009 - Cryptic species a group of species that...

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Cryptic species: a group of species that is reproductively isolated but morphologically similar Species concepts: - Studying speciation: BSC (used for this lecture) - Describing species: PSC Process of reproduction and isolation: - Mate searching, mate choice (premating) - Mating and fertilization (postmating prezygotic) - Offspring survival and offspring reproduction (postzygotic) Isolating mechanism: - Premating o Temporal isolation o Habitat choice o Mate choice - Postmating, prezygotic o Higher mortality between mating and producing offspring o Lower fertility. Mechanisms: Proteins or behaviors not stimulating ovulation Sperm surviving for less time in the female Ineffective sperm transport, storage, passage through hthe female Incompatibilities between sperm proteins and egg receptors - Postzygotic o Intrinsic
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o Extrinsic Geography of speciation - Allopatric speciation: physical isolation o Vicariance o Peripheral isolation (dispersal) - Parapatric speciation - Sympatric speciation 2.18.2009 Reproductive character displacement: the divergence of sexual signals in sympatry (reions where species  occur( but not in allopatry (regions of geographic isolation) Genetic Distance and Isolation
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notes - 2.16.2009 - Cryptic species a group of species that...

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