11.28.2007 - Astro notes

11.28.2007 - Astro notes - Sorta like a giant nucleus with...

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11.28.2007 – Astronomy Type II: Core Collapse Type Ia: Carbon Detonation Nova Type Ia SN Minor Explosion; Helium ash/residue Mass increases Chandra Sekhar Mass: 1.4 solar masses Gravity beats Electron Degeneracy Pressure Standard Bombs/Candles Crab Nebula (SN in 1054) Vela (SN in 9000 BC) Neutron Stars Type II SN Masses around 1.4 solar masses One cubic centimeter in a neutron star is about 100 million tons on earth (large mountain)
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Unformatted text preview: Sorta like a giant nucleus with 10^57 neutrons in it If the radiation beam points towards earth at some point in rotation, its called a pulsar (observational term) Why you might not see a pulsar in a nebulae: orientation, age, kick velocity Neutron Star Binaries Center of globular clusters X-ray bursters (analogous to novae on white dwarfs) -Occur on hourly time scale-...
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