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10.31.2007 Astronomy notes

10.31.2007 Astronomy notes - Corona is much much hotter...

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10.31.2007 – Astronomy Energy transport in the sun: Core: Mass is converted into energy through fusion Radiation zone: gas is ionized – about 200,000 years to get through Convection zone: gas in atomic form (cooler), even harder for light to get out. Atoms can absorb light T less than 10,000 Lyman series 10,000 – 20,000 Balmer series More than 20,000 Paschen Photosphere: composition. The only thing being made right now in the sun is helium Chromosphere: a bit cooler. Well known for spicules
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Unformatted text preview: Corona is much much hotter than the chromosphere due to spicules Coronal holes: energy and gas flowing out. Solar wind Sun is losing millions of tons every second, but relatively speaking this is nothing. In its entire existence, it’s only lost .1% of its mass (halfway through its life) The Active Sun Sunspots: middle = umbra, 4500 K. region around that is penumbra = 5500 K. beyond that is photosphere, 5800 K Last from 1 – 100 days...
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