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10.8.2007 Astronomy notes

10.8.2007 Astronomy notes - Van allen belts = pockets of...

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10.8.2007 – Astronomy 1. Blackbody radiation: continuous 2. HI (cold neutral hydrogen) – 21 cm: spectral line 3. Synchrotron Radiation (strong magnetic fields): continuous 4. Bremsstrahlung radiation – hot dense regions: continuous When looking at the moon in radio, the bright side is reflected sunlight. The dim side (completely dark in the visible spectrum) is caused by heat (blackbody). 220 K. peak of spectrum is infrared.
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Unformatted text preview: Van allen belts = pockets of magnetic fields where charges get trapped One of jupiter’s moons revolves within magnetic field makes it very turbulent, releases many radio waves Saturn has weakest magnetic field in the solar system Andromeda = nearest galaxy...
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