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9.19.07 Astronomy notes

9.19.07 Astronomy notes - The spectrum of radiation that is...

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Astronomy – 9.19.2007 The Nature of Light (continued) Wavelength * frequency = speed of light λ * f = c Four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear Gravity is between masses = weakest Electromagnetic is between charges Whenever you have an electric field, you also have a magnetic field Flowing molten metal creates perpendicular magnetic field in earth Blackbody radiation
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Unformatted text preview: The spectrum of radiation that is emitted by something with temperature At what frequency does it peak for certain temperatures? Wien’s law-Wavelength max = 0.29cm / T [K] = 2900nm / T [1000K] Stephan’s Law-Energy flux α T 4 Spectroscopy Three types of spectra:-Continuous spectrum-Absorption line spectrum-Emission line spectrum Each element has unique emission and absorption...
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