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StudyGuideMidterm+1 - 1492-1900 6 How were American Indian...

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Natamst 71 Fall 2008 Study Guide Questions Midterm #1. September 25 Please bring small blue book for exam . 1. What is the mystery of Chaco Canyon? 2. Describe how Native Americans were enumerated before 1960? 3. Describe the disease of smallpox, e.g., symptoms, how it is transmitted, first known epidemic & vaccination. 4. Choose one or two Native American tribes or regions of North America and discuss the effects of disease, 1500-1800. 5. Discuss other factors, besides disease, that contributed to population decline,
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Unformatted text preview: 1492-1900. 6. How were American Indian cultures affected by the population decline? 7. Describe non-Indian population growth, 1492-1900. 8. Discuss Jones’ main argument(s) in “Virgin Soil Revisited.” 9. From Fools Crow, discuss the lifeways of the Pikunis and the consequent changes forced on the tribe when European-Americans migrated into Montana territory. 10. Describe examples of disease & its impact in Fools Crow ....
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