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Native American Studies 71 Fall 2008 Study Guide for Midterm #2 November 18 th Please bring small blue book for exam . 1. What led to the 1680 Pueblo Revolt? What was the outcome of the revolt? 2. What effects did the fur trade with the Europeans have on: a) American Indian tribes’ traditional values, b) relationships between Indian tribes, c) American Indian material culture? 3. What were the French and English fighting over in the French and Indian War and why were American Indians involved in this war? 4. What were the “mourning wars”? How did they change after the 1670s? What accounts for this change? 5. What message did the Shawnee Prophet (Tensquatoweh) bring? What message did Tecumseh bring? 6. Discuss the importance of buffalo to Indian peoples. 7. What happened to the buffalo? 8. Who were the Cahuilla? What happened to them? 9. Who were the lost Indians of Texas? What happened to them? 10. What were the findings of “The Report of the Doolittle Committee”?
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