Evolution7 - o sexual recombination Natural selection...

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Evolution #10, 11, 12: Mendelian Genetics, Hardy-Weinberg, Hardy-Weinberg Evolution of Populations: Smallest Unit of Evolution: Population genetics provides a foundation for studying evolution o microevolution = evolutionary change on its smallest scale; change in the genetic makeup of a pop from generation to generation; not the way Darwin defined evolution o Darwin lacked satisfactory explanation for….which Gregor Mendel provided o the particulate hypothesis of inheritance = parents pass on discrete heritable units (genes) that retain their identities in offspring o modern synthesis o o Hardy-Weinberg theorem o preservation of allele frequencies o Hardy-Weinberg eqm o conditions for Hardy-Weinberg eqm o Mutation & sexual recombination produce the variation that makes evolution possible o mutation o point mutations o mutations that alter gene # or sequence o mutation rates
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Unformatted text preview: o sexual recombination Natural selection, genetic drift, & gene flow can alter a population’s genetic composition o natural selection o genetic drift o bottleneck effect o founder effect o gene flow Natural selection is the primary mechanism of adaptive evolution o genetic variation o variation w/in a pop polymorphism measuring genetic variation o variation betwn pops o closer look at natural selection o evolutionary fitness o directional, disruptive, & stabilizing selection o preservation of genetic variation o diploidy o balancing selection heterozygote advantage frequency-dependent selection o neutral variation o sexual selection o evolutionary enigma of sexual reproduction o why natural selection cannot fashion perfect organisms 1. evolution is ltd by historical constraints 2. adaptations are often compromises 3. chance & natural selection interact 4. selection can edit only existing variations...
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Evolution7 - o sexual recombination Natural selection...

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