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Spring 2008 Psych 2: Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Carly Stair Office Hours: M & W 4:00 - 5:00pm (or by appointment) Room: 3325 Tolman Hall Email: Required Textbook: Introduction to Psychology , by James W. Kalat Custom edition prepared exclusively for University of California, Berkeley 2008. Please note that 2 copies of the textbook have been placed on reserve at the Education/Psychology library in Tolman Hall. Course description: Psychology 2 is designed for junior and senior non-psychology majors as an alternative to Psychology 1. This lecture only course will provide an overview of the various topics in Psychology such as: Biological Psychology, Cognition, Abnormal Psychology, Personality Theory, Social Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Please be aware that Psychology 2 CANNOT be used to fulfill the Psychology major requirements. Course requirements: Research Participation Program (RPP): RPP is a requirement of the Psychology Department to pass this course. RPP is a program that allows you to be a part of current research that is taking place on campus. You are required to participate in research experiments for a total of 5 hours. RPP coordinators will come to class and explain how you will participate in this program. Completing your 5 credits of RPP is mandatory to get a passing grade in this course. Questions about sign-up procedures, canceling, applying
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psych2_syllabus_CS - Spring 2008 Psych 2: Introduction to...

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