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Final Study Guide

Final Study Guide - UNIT 1 Psychology o Study of behavior...

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UNIT 1 Psychology o Study of behavior and experience Emotional, psychological, physiological What psychologists do o Teaching and research Developmental psychology Learning and motivation Cognitive psychology Biological psychology Evolutionary psychology Social psychology Cross-cultural psychology o Provide services to individuals Clinical psychologist Psychiatrist Other mental health professionals o Service providers to organizations Industrial/organizational psychology Ergonomics School psychology Psychologists are scientists o Scientist A person having expert knowledge of one or more  sciences, esp. a natural or physical science o Psychologist A scientist trained in psychology Psychological research o All science has data and theory o What distinguishes the diff sciences are the diff techniques used Where does research come from? o Curiosity o Familiar proverbs vs. contradictory ones
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History of scientific method o Charles sanders pierce  Compared scientific ways of gaining knowledge w/ other  methods of developing beliefs Authority o Simplest way to create a belief is to take  someone else’s word for it Minimum effort w/ substantial  security Research marketers still want you to  do this Tenacity o Refuse to alter acquired knowledge,  regardless of evidence of the contrary Stubborn Maintain a uniform and constant  outlook Allows one to not feel stress and  psychological discomfort A priori o Propositions that seem reasonable are  believed Extension of method of authority, but  more a general outlook rather than  based on just authority World is flat…seemed reasonable at  the time
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Final Study Guide - UNIT 1 Psychology o Study of behavior...

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