To install JOMP

To install JOMP - is written to You can then...

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To install JOMP, put jomp1.0b.jar in a suitable directory and add the file jomp1.0b.jar to your CLASSPATH. Compiling using JOMP Use the following command to compile a file using JOMP: java jomp.compiler.Jomp MyFile where MyFile.jomp is your input file. Note, that the input file MUST have the .jomp extension, but that you do not enter this extension on the command line. The output
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Unformatted text preview: is written to You can then compile this file using your Java compiler, e.g.: javac Note that the JOMP compiler requires Java 1.2 Platform support. Executing JOMP programs in parallel To execute an application in file MyFile.class in parallel, use the following command: java -Djomp.threads=n MyFile...
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