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Flynn's classification of architecture 1. SISD ( s ingle i nstruction stream, s ingle d ata stream) corresponds to usual Von Neumann architecture. single CPU executes one instruction at a time (single instruction stream) fetches/stores one data value at a time (single data stream) 2. SIMD ( s ingle i nstruction stream, m ultiple d ata stream) executes one instructions at a time (single instruction stream) same operation is performed on many data values at the same time (multiple data stream) these are the so-called ' vector machines ', such as CDC 6600 / 7600 / Cyber machines a vector operation with n elements can be performed in one instruction cycle on a SIMD architecture 3. MISD ( m ultiple i nstruction, s ingle d ata stream) multiple programs, operating on same data (performing different computations) no MISD machines exist at this point 4. MIMD (
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Unformatted text preview: m ultiple i nstruction stream, m ultiple d ata stream) • these are multiprocessor systems • each processor can execute a different program on its own data • hence, multiple instruction streams (programs) and multiple data streams Both SIMD and MIMD are parallel processing architectures since the processors execute operations in parallel. They are, by default, multiprocessor architectures, which can be subdivided into two categories. 1. Global memory architectures • common, global memory is shared by all processors 2. Local memory architectures • one local memory per processor • may also have a global memory Global memory MIMD architectures are also known as tightly-coupled multiprocessor systems ; local memory MIMD systems are known as loosely-coupled multiprocessor systems ....
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