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Unformatted text preview: CLASSIFICATION SHORE’’S MACHINE 5 IM CU PU PU ... ... PU DM DM DM EXAMPLES: SIMD Processors SHORE’S CLASSIFICATION SHORE’S ASSOCIATIVE PROCESSOR IM CU PU + DM MEMORY AND LOGIC ARE INTEGRATED FENG’S CLASSIFICATION FENG’S s BASIS BASIS 1. Degree of Parallelism No. of Bits processed per Unit time 2. Sequential and Parallel operations at bit and word Level n POSSIBILITIES WSBS Word Sequential and Bit sequential No conceivable implementation WPBS Word Parallel Bit Sequential (STARAN, CM1, CM2 ,ICL DAP ) WSBP Word Squential Bit Parallel (Conventional Machines) WPBP Word Parallel Bit Parallel (ILLIAC IV parallel machines with word parallel Pes) FENG’S CLASSIFICATION FENG’S Machines In Bit and Word Coordinates 64K s 16K CM2 1x 64K MPP 1x 16K PEPE 32x288 Words 16 64 128 256 1k PARAM CMMP 16x16 PDP 11 16x1 ILLIAC IV CRAY YMP 64x 16 IBM 360/370 64x1 32 64 1 1 BITs Area of Rectangle stands for ? 16...
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