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Units are control unit cu control processing unit pu

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Unformatted text preview: struction Memory Data Memory MACHINE 1 Examples: IM Conventional Machines CU Horizontal Processing Unit Word Slice Data Memory SHORE’S CLASSIFICATION SHORE’S MACHINE 2 IM CU Bit Slice VERTICAL PU DATA MEMORY EXAMPLES CM1, CM2 Hillis 1986 MPP Batcher 1980 ICL DAP 1979 SHORE’S CLASSIFICATION SHORE’S s MACHINE 3 IM HORIZONTAL HORIZONTAL PU PU CU word slice VERTICAL PU DATA MEMORY Example OMEN 60 (Higbie 1972) SHORE’’S CLASSIFICATION SHORE’’S MACHINE 4 IM EXAMPLES: Parallel Ensemble of Pes (PEPE) CU PU PU ... ... PU DM DM DM No Communication amongst PEs SHORE’’S...
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  • Winter '09
  • Rjyosy
  • Central processing unit, Parallel Operations, IM Conventional Machines, FENG’S, Genral Purpose Architecture, fine grain architectures

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