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Unformatted text preview: Department of Statistics Paper STATS 330 Assignment 1 Due: Monday 10 August The data for this assignment comes from the U.N.E.S.C.O. 1990 Demographic Year Book and The Annual Registrar 1992 . It contains birth rates, death rates, infant death rates, life expectancies (male and female), and the Gross National Products for 91 countries. In this assignment you are asked to explore some aspects of this dataset and to write a report that clearly communicates your ndings. The data consists of the following variables: birth live birth rate per 1,000 of population death death rate per 1,000 of population i.death infant deaths per 1,000 of population ( < 1 year old) life.m life expectancy at birth for males life.f life expectancy at birth for females gnp gross national product group 1 = Eastern Europe, 2 = South America and Mexico, 3 = Western Europe, North America, Japan, Aus., 4 = Middle East, 5 = Asia, 6 = Africa 1. You can nd a le containing this data by going to the STATS 330 webpage and clicking on...
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