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Unformatted text preview: Ffle Edlt Vtew Favorites Tee‘s Help @eack v e - a ‘psearch Hammers Address B E:\me Ade‘?‘ . way an 3 Get pittures frum tameva or Stannar 9 copy an \tems to CD File and Folder Tasks ® 25 Make anew rower a Poohshthts’ Fpldar to the Web a inanexmfiplder Either Planes a Sub(E:) H Mymdeos a My (amulet q My NeEwurk planes Dude predjudtce ThatLeaguetpftExtrapvdtnavy.GentlemenDVDR\p‘XwD-DIAMOND valkynaEEIEIE‘RE @ 1n Thtnqs I Hate nhpul Vuu fl BetKindtRawtncflZflflE]DvDriprwwwmarezfie'akurg fl Because.I.Satd.SD[ZUU7]DVDFID[EHQ]'EXX0 Qfilg Nottmg floig Stan vEpaKk dvdnpxwdrhamera M W flwhats the Worst That Cpu‘d Happen who Framed Roger Rabat El Yuu got Mad W Van Gut Served Q You Me And DuDree VuutKII\.M2[2EIEI7]Danp‘ACE[Eng]ra><)(u fl Where.\ntthe.Wur‘dt\S‘Osama‘BH’I.LadenZEUS.LIMITED‘DOCU‘DVDRID‘XVID ...
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