HW10 - EE456 HW10 Due: April 30th 2009 EE456 HW-10 (Note:...

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EE456 HW10 Due: April 30 th 2009 EE456 HW-10 (Note: This HW has triple weight + additional bonuses) In this homework, you are going to design a 16-bit pipelined Kogge-Stone adder to be used in the accumulator portion of a high performance chip for the company you are working for. Before going into the details regarding the method of pipelining, you need to familiarize yourself with the Propagate-Generate notation that is commonly used in parallel prefix-tree adders. Theory: (i) Using PG (Propagate-Generate) notation (see below) obtain an expression for P 7:0 and G 7:0 in terms of P 0:0 and G 0:0 . (ii) Describe in words how the propagate and generate signals recursively help to produce the output in a prefix adder. (iii) Pipelining: Pipelining is a general architectural technique that is widely used in high performance/throughput systems. In circuits, pipelining is achieved by inserting register elements in the design such that the critical paths of the partitions are almost equal. ( Discuss why this is a very important requirement). In the literature, two methods of pipelining adders have been reported. We are going to call these horizontal and vertical pipelining schemes. One way to partition an adder is to break the word length (16-bits) into two (8-bits) and insert the register
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HW10 - EE456 HW10 Due: April 30th 2009 EE456 HW-10 (Note:...

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