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spice_1.2um_CMOS - .MODEL PMOS PMOS LEVEL=2 LD=0.15U...

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Spice model for 1.2um CMOS EE456 Spice level II .MODEL NMOS NMOS LEVEL=2 LD=0.15U TOX=200.0E-10 VTO=0.74 KP=8.0E-05 + NSUB=5.37E+15 GAMMA=0.54 PHI=0.6 U0=656 UEXP=0.157 UCRIT=31444 + DELTA=2.34 VMAX=55261 XJ=0.25U LAMBDA=0.037 NFS=1E+12 NEFF=1.001 + NSS=1E+11 TPG=1.0 RSH=70.00 PB=0.58 + CGDO=4.3E-10 CGSO=4.3E-10 CJ=0.0003 MJ=0.66 CJSW=8.0E-10 MJSW=0.24
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Unformatted text preview: .MODEL PMOS PMOS LEVEL=2 LD=0.15U TOX=200.0E-10 VTO=-0.74 KP=2.70E-05 + NSUB=4.33E+15 GAMMA=0.58 PHI=0.6 U0=262 UEXP=0.324 UCRIT=65720 + DELTA=1.79 VMAX=25694 XJ=0.25U LAMBDA=0.061 NFS=1E+12 NEFF=1.001 + NSS=1E+11 TPG=-1.0 RSH=121PB=0.64 + CGDO=4.3E-10 CGSO=4.3E-10 CJ=0.0005 MJ=0.51 CJSW=1.35E-10 MJSW=0.24...
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