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Article Summary Assignment In “Public and Private Language”, Richard Rodriguez ventures back in time, and depicts a picture of his first time in a classroom. Unlike all his Spanish speaking friends, he was sent to an English speaking all white school. Rodriguez states that even with the movement of the Hispanic American social activist, that “it is not possible for a child- any child- ever to use his family’s language in school”. As a child, Rodriguez’s parents worked extremely hard to live in a house “many blocks away from the Mexican south side of town”. The only visitors his family ever had in their “gaudy yellow house” were relatives. The neighborhood he resided in had very few people that accepted his Mexican heritage. Although Rodriguez longed not to be judged by his appearance, even his parents believed that “los gringos” were “very distant” from them. Rodriguez always knew when he was at home when Spanish
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Unformatted text preview: was being spoken, because whenever his parents were in public they would strain to speak as much English possible. When he was five years old, he knew just enough English from overhearing his parents, that his mother let him buy groceries at the local store. One occurrence in Rodriguez’s life really made an impact on him and made him decide he was going to learn English. When he was a little kid he remembers his father walking into a gas station and talking to a teenager that couldn’t understand him. He saw the look on each of their faces and the bewilderment they were in. He talks about how he remembers when he was a child that three nuns asked his parents to teach him more English. He says that he is glad that he went to a school where he always knew he was not just one in the crowd. No t being like everybody else taught him individuality....
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