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HW4 - ECE549 RF Design for Wireless Homework#4 Cover...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE549 RF Design for Wireless Homework #4 Cover Sheet (Required) Include this as the first page of your homework NAME: Zhuolme Ac" Section; 00! Attach detailed working is required and no credit will be given without correct derivation of the answer. PMU Amwmk Gmum EIIPMH'Awam Gmum # 3.1 - 3.8 See working See working m 32 TOTAL ”0 l 01’ (HHS C . 0‘ '3’ 5'-l7/S/42/ /(m -.-- 10 points per problem. _ WWW, , 15mm H \0‘/V*”‘““""5 WW” mom/7,7; “$219245 \‘7/ MW TQM: $93M (4:5,ng :w W99“, BER-40¢ (C7 [Anaran 75’ 447.2, EL {5‘7 Wage mvciulwf/‘m $9M!) [We fly: (WW/”f 6637!} a runsfarfl', so was : w (Mrs \b/ Difimnfl' mac/{wlcfi'h ”haw. my (We, 01:41am? §Fetfm arfflchag. T-vr exawpbz g In QFSIL, film We q p’we éfifi‘es, $0 2— 17:4; UT {mfwmghm (an be fmsm'.HQJ(. Maxim»; eq’flcyouy of (RP—W is Z b/s/Ha erW (’77, 195+ /t42 \‘(l 1”,, t 0.; b'fr/sot /l/Iz /(el’| 335‘ Q} The (all; We Mime.” .34 Chm“ mi {/12 19.4! hmmhw 0‘} Manna; fiUfi-I'fit/7(€ {I Mk1“! ”My W (M4; 'I“ 0‘ (hum “M “‘1 “M 50+ 3 “Fm/f fin WA (ham/v. “e was” VF 604515.15. ‘3 '0‘ WOW l‘hTevavencz éafveeh adfl'fiwn‘f' 62((5, \177 I“ °‘ {9‘1“‘4 CW9 “'“I “W" PM W45 comm be Cons:dW’y Imjev karma “'9“ W "‘“U W 5“““7’ "“ m mefi- 20 WNW] Immlfipam effect {n c. deSer—t M’vbi mmnly from th‘e- @Ol/fl‘d bW'W-e {rm 0(wa ”C V VEWowme NM”. of (ed 922 559"“ F'OFfijaI/IM $17—59 ”WA/1M7: 6.qu Ll‘Yflt _mtvfl 6(an am; we MW? 4 [AM-ha M! be M, Mom dew-m2: pawn (2.41 heed hwi pvwfiv LGKOMUQ bogs: Sfflrfl‘bn “95d Wfizfir XOMZV To «mm» signm’“ («ally/19nd. We (imfw’f inf“ hfgh Fm?” {’VfinsiniéTL-P/r V'va {Mahik hanfisd. ti); ohe MY {’12 Iq’l't'an’fGVfinf'zs I) [40356, me”; me many [7:25:56 C(row/l m/obzli Aw’JSdT. In, 1;)!an I we (an [WUHJW ‘Hlew as Add-{Jug- M in Gausszw No; s2 , Andi“, It, flue I'WffirdQVCHL «610m U'HIQr kanguds {1164' AWN; fauna ffe‘ilnea (2 M91243 to Moflaw We, ( uvvafuw. 0141K!) ...
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