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Jordan Adams UMID: 96737113 Technical Communications 496 After reading the "The Construction of Knowledge in Organizations" I felt that I agreed with the author to an extent. While I do believe that knowledge is very dependent on social pressures and acceptance, I also believe that those social pressures and views are very dependent on the scientific data being presented. In the article the author kind of draws a line between these two ideas and says that they aren't really dependent on each other. I believe that they are. When new data (or results) are presented in documents and journals people tend to believe them. However many people do not read these journals and are getting their knowledge about the subject from the people who read these documents. From there people manipulate data to fit their views in a sense. After that people start to judge and discuss these results until it becomes a new form of knowledge that is shaped by social pressures and norms of the current society. I believe this is
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