exam1summer04 - Chemistry 51 Exam 1 Summer 2004 This is a...

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Chemistry 51 Exam 1, Summer 2004 This is a closed book exam. The exam lasts 100 minutes. All answers must appear on the answer sheet. Only the answer sheet will be collected. Put your name on the answer sheet now. When the exam is over you must hand your answer sheet in promptly or a penalty may be incurred. 1. Name the following compound. Use the IUPAC system and include the stereochemical designations. H CH 2 CHO CO 2 H CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 Br HO 2 CH 2. a) Complete the Newman projection (about the C3-C4 bond) shown below on the left to represent the most stable conformation of meso 2,2,3,4,5,5-Hexamethyl-hexane. Use the one on the right to show the lowest energy conformation for the R,R stereoisomer. H C(CH 3 ) 3 CH 3 H C(CH 3 ) 3 CH 3 meso R,R b) Which of the two has the lower energy? Very briefly explain. 3. Which of the following are associated liquids. Answer by letter. a. acetone b. acetic acid c. 2-fluoropropane d. trimethylamine, (CH 3 ) 3 N
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4. For each of the following equilibria is the value of the equilibrium constant, K, less than one (write L) or more than one (write M ). a CH 3 - + NH 3 CH 4 + NH 2 - b H 2 S + OH - SH - + H 2 O c CH 4 + H 3 O + CH 5 + + H 2 O 5. The 1,2,3- trimethylcyclopropane, shown below, is monochlorinated and the product mixture carefully distilled into various fractions. Characterize the product mixture by filling in the boxes. Put final answers on answer sheet.
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exam1summer04 - Chemistry 51 Exam 1 Summer 2004 This is a...

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