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History 200 The American Experience Paper Assignment #1 Comparison of Bender’s Approach to early American history with the A People and a Nation textbook Write 750 words (three pages, double-spaced) on the topic below Thomas Bender argues [p.6] that “American history cannot be adequately understood unless it is incorporated into …[a] global context.” Using chapter 1 in Bender’s own book and comparing it with the early chapters of your A People and A Nation textbook, does Bender’s approach bring something new to the study of the Atlantic migration that
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Unformatted text preview: the textbook did not or is Bender simply re-packaging with new labels something that is already in the textbook? Provide three points of comparison. Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph that outlines the points you will be making. You can organize your essay by the three points of comparison or by discussing the three points in one book and then the treatment of those points in the second book....
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