Baird CHEM 115 Syllabus Fall 08-Final

Baird CHEM 115 Syllabus Fall 08-Final - CHEM 115 General...

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1 CHEM 115 General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry Sections 7-12 Course Syllabus, Fall 2008 San Francisco State University (The instructor reserves the right to make announced changes to the syllabus if necessary) Instructor Dr. Teaster Baird, Jr. Office TH 817A (inside TH 815) Phone 405-0935 email [email protected] (Please include “CHEM 115” in the subject line) Office Hours Monday – Thursday, 2:00 – 3:00 (other times by appointment) Important Note: Pre-requisite structure in Chemistry Courses : To take a chemistry course that lists CHEM 115 as a pre- requisite, students will have to receive a C or better in CHEM 115. Class/Course Information and Policies: Units (5): This course is a 3 unit lecture and 2 unit laboratory course. Pre-requisite: To become or remain enrolled in the course, students must have met both of the following two requirements prior to taking CHEM 115: Students must have scored 50 or greater on ELM or received an approved exemption or received a C or better in Math 70. Students must have scored 17 or greater on the chemistry placement exam given at the Testing Center. Chemistry Placement Exam: The placement exam is administered at the Testing Center prior to the start of the semester. ALL students MUST take the placement exam unless it was taken and a satisfactory score was received in January 2008 or June 2008. Placement exam scores are posted on students’ MySFSU accounts. A satisfactory score on the placement exam does not guarantee that you will be able to take the course this semester . Enrollment is determine by 1) the number of spaces in lab; 2) the number of students enrolled in the course who score satisfactorily on the placement exam and show up for class; and 3) wait list priority. If you did not take the placement exam in January or June 2008 or August 15 or 23, 2008 there will be a placement exam given on August 29 at the Testing Center. In the meantime, attend lab to hold your place on the class list of the wait list. You may register for the August 29 test online at the testing center website or in person at the Testing Center before 4 p.m. on August 28. If you do not score well on the placement exam or do not feel that you are prepared for CHEM 115 , you may take CHEM 100 on MWF from 1:10 – 2:00, BUS 217. If you score 22 or less on the placement exam , you may not be optimally prepared for the course . It is strongly recommended that you take one of the SCI support classes along with the course.
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2 Attendance Policy: Students who are enrolled in the class or are on the wait list must attend the first laboratory meeting to remain enrolled in the course, even if they have scored satisfactorily on the placement exam and attended the lecture. Students who do not attend the lab meeting will lose their place in class unless they have a compelling reason to be absent and have notified the lab coordinator (Dr. DeWitt, [email protected] ) in advance of the absence . An absence from lab will be interpreted as a
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Baird CHEM 115 Syllabus Fall 08-Final - CHEM 115 General...

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