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CHEM_115_Exam_3_Study_Guide - CHEM 115(Sections 7-12 Exam 3...

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1 CHEM 115 (Sections 7-12) Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures Covered on Exam 3: L15-L22 (Lecture 15 was presented in part II of but was not included on Exam 2) Here is your study guide for Exam 3. It is only a GUIDE and not necessarily a list of only the things that will be on the exam. Not everything in the guide will be covered on the exam to the same degree. Study Tips: 1. Start with the lecture materials posted on iLearn. If it wasn’t covered in lecture, it won’t be on the exam, even if it was in the OWL homework. Use the book and other resources to help you understand the material covered in lecture, not the other way around. 2. Make sure you understand the concepts covered in lecture. The question you should be asking most often is “why?” as in “why is this concept important?” or “why was this particular information included?” If you can make connections between concepts, it will be easier to answer questions on the exam. 3. Don’t make memorization your goal. Memorizing facts will only help you a little. You should memorize the facts with the intent of using them, not just re-stating them on the exam. Exam Tips: 1. Multiple Choice Questions: a. If the question asks for a specific answer, try to answer the question before looking at your options and then choose the option that is closest to your pre-conceived answer. Your first instinct is usually right. b. Don’t spend too much time on any one multiple choice question. If you get frustrated with a question, it can throw you off for the rest of the exam. 2. Short Answer and Problems: a. For questions that ask for descriptions or explanations, giving more relevant details will get you more points. The key is giving relevant information. Stating everything you learned in lecture and hoping I pick out the stuff I want just makes me angry.
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