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Part III: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry The Mole, Dimensional Analysis and Molarity Chemical Equations NiCl 2 ( aq ) + NaCl ( aq ) + Ni ( OH ) 2 ( s ) NaOH ( aq ) 2 2 What is the maximum mass of Ni ( OH ) 2 that could b e prepared by mixing 25.9 g of NiCl 2 and 10.0 g of NaOH? 1. What are we looking for? Grams of Ni(OH) 2 2. What are we starting with? Grams of NiCl 2 and NaOH 3. What do we need to do? Use known relationships to convert grams of NiCl 2 and NaOH to grams of Ni(OH) 2 11.60 g Ni(OH) 2 Chemical Equations Theoretical yield: the calculated yield for a chemical reaction assumes a number of things reaction would go to completion there is 100 % recovery of products only the desired products are produced no “side reactions” Actual yield: the amount of product actually recovered 1 • MW of NiCl2: 129.60 MW of Ni(OH2): 92.71 • MW of NaOH: 40.00 MW of NaCl: 58.44 2 3
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Chemical Equations Percent yield: the ratio of the actual yield to the theoretical yield percent yield =
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L21-Chemical_Reactions_and_Stoichiometry - Part III:...

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