h2 - φ u 3 Using a series of Fourier-transform properties...

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CMPEN/EE 455: Digital Image Processing I Fall 2009 Written Homework #2 assigned: 11 September 2009 due: Friday, 18 September 2009 in 121 EE East homework slot problems: 1. (a) Show metric property (a) on page 5-9 of the notes for D e ( p,q ). This needs to be done more thoroughly than my rapid treatment in class. (b) Show metric property (c) for D 8 ( p,q ). 2. For the rectangular pulse function on page 6-4 of the notes, compute and plot the phase
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Unformatted text preview: φ ( u ). 3. Using a series of Fourier-transform properties and Fourier transforms for known building-block functions, compute the Fourier transform F ( u ) of f ( x ) = A sin( u x ) + Bδ ( x-a ) , if-X ≤ x ≤ X/ 2 , otherwise Next, describe how you’d compute | F ( u ) | — you don’t have to do it! 4. Derive the shifting property on page 8-1 of the class notes....
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