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Department of (CSIS 2500 All Sections ) Management Information Systems (3.0 Credits) Outline for Summer 2009(200902) INSTRUCTOR NAME: Fred Parvaz PHONE: (604)323.5853 E-MAIL:Via Blackboard Students should use only Blackboard mail after registration COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course describes the integration of basic systems theory with the design, implementation, and application of Management Information Systems (MIS). This will facilitate the understanding of MIS goals and the effect of MIS on organisations and the corporate management. PREREQUISITES: Recommended to students with some knowledge of the information technology and minimum of 12 credits REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: Managing The Digital Firm Management Information Systems Fourth CANADIAN EDITION Kenneth C. Laudon – Jane P. Laudon – Mary Bradston Published by: Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-159843-0 Transfers to: UBC COMM 391 KWAN CISY 2414 (3) OUC BUAD 283 SFU BUS 237 (3) TRU BBUS 237 (3) UVIC COM 200 lev (1.5)
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COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objective of this course is to explore the many ways in which technology assists organisations to function and to understand the effects of information systems on organisation structure, management, and employees. Emphasis will be placed on the use of the Internet in a Networked Enterprise. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Information is a resource. It costs money to create, process and to store. Students will come to an understanding of the value of information in an organisation for the contemporary approaches to management decision making. The student will also understand the meaning of a networked Enterprise, with the associate complexities of its Management Information Systems. ASSIGNMENTS/QUIZZES/TESTS: Case Study Assignments 10% Term Project 15% Midterm #1 15% Midterm #2 15% Participation / Discussions 10% Final Exam 30% Personal Evaluation 5% Important Notes: Assignments are based on the textbook. You should read the case studies
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