Toyota Motor Corporation is quickly becoming one of the world

Toyota Motor Corporation is quickly becoming one of the world

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Toyota Motor Corporation is quickly becoming one of the world's largest auto-maker. Their rise to fame can be credited to smart decisions made by the management team along with their policy of high quality car at a reasonable price. This allows Toyota to gain a high level of customer loyalty to their brand, which then allows them to remain competitive with the other auto-makers such as GM. In the highly competitive car industry, a business survival may very well depends on its information technology. In the case of Toyota, they manage to successfully attract large numbers of customer to their
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Unformatted text preview: products because of their customer selection progress; which allows customers to select their own car with various options. Then the dealer use the internet system to place an order through the distributors; not only does this increase customer's satisfaction, but it also decrease Toyota's inventory cost at the same time because it cut down unnecessary shipping and waste materials on cars that no one want. This Information systems has allowed Toyota to achieve many of its business objective while strengthen customer and dealer relationship at the same time....
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