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IDS371_HW02 - HW02 Homework assignment number 2 covers...

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HW02 – Homework assignment number 2 covers Chapters 14 and 15, and as needed previous material. Use Minitab software for the computer portion of this assignment and add interpretations for every question. Submit the answers as a single MS Word document with Minitab work pasted into that document to our Blackboard site. The hand computation, discussion and interpretation of the results are critical components of this assignment, not the computer analysis which the software performs easily. The practice exam questions are self study multiple choice. 1. Use data from Table 1.8 (1 st edition) or table 1.10 (2 nd edition) which is also available on Blackboard, course materials, statistical tables and data files as table_01_008.xls to perform a One-Way ANOVA looking at the 4 gender-ethnic combinations as the factor. Do the analysis by hand except generate the descriptive statistics and boxplots using Minitab software.
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