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Syllabus IDS 371, Business Statistics II, Fall 2009 Sec 23807, TR 3:30PM-4:45PM, LC B1 Milan Velebit, PhD: [email protected] Office: UH 2326; Phone: 5-4244 or 6-2676 Office Hours: TBA and by Appointment TA: TBA Class Web site: Course Description (IDS 371): Continuation of statistical concepts and techniques for operational and managerial decisions, covering concepts and techniques for business application of statistics including inference and hypothesis testing, linear and multivariate regression and time series techniques, model building, quality improvement, and Analysis of Variance. Minitab statistical software will be used to describe and analyze sample data. Prerequisites: IDS 270 and IDS department and University requirements. Textbook(s): The Practice of Business Statistics Using Data for Decisions, by Moore, McCabe, Duckworth, et al, Freeman and Company, latest (2 nd ) edition. Please note that you need the bundled version of the textbook that includes the Minitab software available from UIC bookstore. Additional chapters not in the textbook are on the publisher’s website. Grading Policy: Weight Element 20% Assignments and/or quizzes on assignments 80% 4 Exams at 20% each 100% **Total** A: >= 90% B: 80% to < 90% C: 70% to < 80% D: 60% to < 70% F: < 60% All assignments, due dates, and exam dates will be posted on our web site, in addition to those in the syllabus. Quiz dates may be announced. You are responsible for checking the web site on a regular basis. General questions must be posted to a Blackboard discussion group, while personal issues should use e-mail. Homework will be assigned and must be turned in by the start of the class, electronically using the student tools digital drop box in Blackboard. Only one submittal per assignment will be accepted. Late homework assignments will not be accepted. To get credit for a homework assignment, you must have discussion covering the business concepts, show the applicable formulas, numeric values substituted into those formulas, and the answer. Quizzes will be given on the assignments.
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IDS_371_2009_Fall_Syllabus - Syllabus IDS 371, Business...

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