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Week8_sum - Europe Marjane tried to forget about the war in...

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Uyen Pham CAT 3 WEEK 8 SUMMARIES Melancholy Ties: Intergenerational Loss While Persepolis I portrays the lost innocence of children during the war, Persepolis II is about a story of exile in Australia. In Persepolis I, traumatic experiences of Satrapi during the war leads to a suspension of faith in God, a change in identity, in her relationships with others and a changed in world view. In Persepolis II, Marjane suffers racial discriminations from Markus’s mom, Markus’s betrayal and melancholy of exile. During the time in
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Unformatted text preview: Europe, Marjane tried to forget about the war in Iran and avoid people’s prejudice by claiming that she was French. However, Marjane never felt content until she proclaimed her identity. After returning home from Europe, Marjane experienced loss, pain, and guilt from not being there with her family during the war. She also never told her parents about the difficult time she had in Australia. Persepolis I and II is the memoir of a person – a witness of individual and social loss during the war....
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